An easy way for Military Retirees and Dependents to submit their ID renewal application

Attention All DoD ID Card Offices!
Let IDRenew™ collect renewal ID requests for you, so you don’t have to. IDRenew is an interactive, self-service kiosk designed to help any military dependent or retiree send you their application, photo, and supporting documents all on their own.

Reduce the lines. Reduce wait times.

As all military personnel offices know, a majority percentage of the services they provide are often related to ID Card issuance. And at many offices, a significant percentage of that time is spent specifically on ID Card renewal for military retirees and dependents.
Free your representatives from this task, and they will have more time to help with those less common or more complex needs. Not only that, but you’ll reduce lines and wait times for active duty personnel, getting them out of line and back to work!

Extend customer service.

These days, everyone is experiencing increased customer service demands. Not only that, we’re spread out all over the place. Whether your customers work or live on base, or are spread out over geographically remote areas, making multiple trips to the ID Card office can be extremely time consuming and frustrating for them. Especially if they arrive unprepared for what documents they’ll need to provide.
Place IDRenew in locations where your customers can access it, and let it help them successfully submit a renewal application on their own. Instead of multiple trips to your office, they only need to come by to authenticate and pick up their new ID card after you’ve processed their application and notified them that their new ID card is ready.


What is IDRenew?

IDRenew is a self-service kiosk solution developed by DynaTouch in conjunction with the 45th Force Support Squadron at Patrick AFB. It is a complete, fully integrated solution designed to provide military dependents and retirees with a secure, easy way to apply for renewal ID cards.

The user-friendly, interactive interface walks your customers through the process from start to end. It begins by asking them their status and reason for renewal. Based on their answers, it informs them of what’s needed and what to do if they don’t have a necessary document. When they’re ready and have the documents they need, IDRenew will:

1. prompt them to scan each necessary document
2. let them take their photo
3. submit the application to your office

Your staff can then process the application with DEERS and notify your customer when their card is ready for pickup.


Instruction & Assistance

• DD Form 1172-2 guidance / access
• Instruction on documents needed
• Tailored, base-specific messages given

Document Scanning

• Prompts for required documents
• Built-in full-page flatbed scanner
• Scan preview / retake option

Photo Capture

• User adjustable camera
• Photo instructions
• Photo preview / retake option

Security / Privacy

• Secure lock-down browser
• Polarizing filters / privacy walls
• No data stored on kiosk
• Data sent by encrypted email

Web Access

• Optional access to other sites (NAFjobs, TRICARE, ICE, etc.)
• Access to RAPIDS ID Card Office Online
• CAC reader for login to RAPIDS


Since 1988, DynaTouch has been providing and perfecting secure, fully-integrated, self-service kiosk solutions, tailored to suit the needs of the Department of Defense. For Military Customer Support offices, we offer QueueKiosk and IDRenew – technology that reduces wait times, gets Service Members out of line and back to work, and increases both productivity and efficiency.

Reach out for pricing on one of these solutions today!

DynaTouch products and services are available on multiple GWACs, including Army CHESS, GSA, Navy SeaPort-e, SEWP and others.

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